Tips on What a Newborn Need

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Tips for Parents on What a Newborn Need

Becoming a parent for the first time is the best feeling in the world but sometime it becomes very overwhelming and costly as we do not know what we need from what we want. You go to the mall and see this cute little dress and tell yourself I am just going to buy this one and in three months you have 10 dresses plus 10 more from your baby shower and you don’t know what to do with them.

Here are some tips on what you need:

  1. When you buy clothes buy 0-3 months in size. With my first baby I have bought tons of NB (New Born) only to find out after two weeks they don’t fit anymore. Stick with 0-3 as this will last you a good 3 months or so. At first you might think the clothes are too big but give it a week and you will see how your baby fills it. If you really need to buy a NB size you can buy one to get
  2. One Piece are lifesavers. Whether it is zip up or snap on they make life easier for Moms and Dad as you don’t have to deal with several pieces of clothing to get your baby dressed up. Imagine if you already have a crying baby and you have to make him/her wear tops, bottom and socks. The stress you will have and the tears that run down those cute cheeks are not worth the cute outfit you have. If you plan on washing baby clothes ones a week you will only need ten pieces of One Piece. I put in a little extra for those extra poppies that goes beyond the diapers.
  3. Baby Blankets. As much as I like the furry blankets I prefer the knitted one as they tend to last longer and my baby seems more comfortable with it. The problem with the Furry one is with continued washing especially with hot water they lose the softness they initially have.
  4. Baby Crib buying can be overwhelming because there are a lot of good quality cribs but they are also very expensive. I bought one that can be converted from a crib to a bed but three years down the road it is now in my storage. My little toddler wanted the princess bed, and since we are training her to sleep on her bed we gave in to her request. Lesson learned; buy a quality crib with half the price go online and start checking on reviews and if they meet safety standards.
  5. Baby Bed. This is one thing where I spend a little bit more. Your baby will be spending a lot of time in here and you want to make sure he/she is comfortable with it.
  6. Car seat. You cannot go home from the hospital without it so install one in your car one month before you are due as you never know when your little one will come out. I really love Chicco Keyfit Carseat, I believe they are the most comfortable and are made really well.
  7. Since you might be stuck at home for a month or so, you can wait till later to buy it but once you are out and about this is a must! I prefer the light one and forgo the bulky one as they take up so much space in the car and when you have kids that space you saved is a deal breaker.
  8. Baby bottle. There are so many bottles in the market today with so many claims like anti colic, breast like shape, easy grip etc but which one you need will all depend on your baby. I would recommend buying a few bottles only to test which one your baby likes. You don’t want to end up stuck with 10 bottles that your baby will not use.
  9. Bath Essentials. For bath time you will need a bath tub as this will help you a lot especially if you are doing it by yourself and you will also need Baby Wash and Baby Lotions. Start off with a small size baby wash and lotions and see if your little ones skin are not irritated. My baby has dry skin and I needed to test different baby wash until I got the right one. When you find the right one stick with it.
  10. Lots of Diaper and Cream. For diapers I would recommend you buy the Newborn as they have an umbilical cord notch but don’t buy too much as your baby will outgrow the diaper in about two weeks’ time and when the umbilical cord falls off you don’t necessarily need the notch anymore. Babies normally need to be change every six hours unless they poppies, then you need to change them more often. I make sure I change them at least 4 diaper a day with cream so they don’t get rashes and somehow it works. I would prefer to spend a little bit more than have my baby crying because of rashes. Start collecting coupon and looking for diaper sale as this is definitely one product you need a lot.

The most important thing a Newborn need is your love and warmth. They are so tiny and so helpless yet they give so much joy to everyone around them. They don’t judge what you do and when you see that first smile all of your stress and sleepless nights just melts away.





  1. Great list! I have used many of these things with each of my newborns. I totally agree that one-piece outfits are the best! So much easier to change them and keep them matching!

  2. Some good tips on here! The most important of course, they need your love! I agree with you on the clithing as well, newborn sizes are a waste of money

  3. I had the Chiicco KeyFit, too and I LOVED it. That was the only thing I purchased out of my own pocket (with the caddy) and it was 100% with it!! This is all really helpful for new moms!

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